Is Your Home’s Electrical System Safe?

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If your electric bill’s been paid but your lights still go out, call TAB Electric, LLC for residential electrical repair work. We’ll set up a service call as soon as possible. Once one of our skilled electricians arrive, we’ll uncover the problem quickly and get to work on repairs.

We can fix all types of electrical problems, from unreliable outlets to no power.

Call our office in Phoenix, Arizona now to make a residential electrical repair request.

Does your home need electrical wiring repair work?

Does your home need electrical wiring repair work?

Older homes weren’t designed to handle modern energy consumption. If you’re straining your home’s electrical system, our electricians can rewire it to meet current standards. Signs you need electrical wiring repair work include:

  • Flickering lights
  • Tripped circuits or blown fuses
  • Yellowed outlets

Overloading your home’s electrical system creates a fire hazard. Protect your home and your family by scheduling an electrical wiring repair appointment in the Phoenix, AZ area today.